The finest non-GMO, non-hybrid heirloom seed banks on the market, pure and simple

TEXAS READY was formed by Lucinda Bailey and Kurt Nauck in response to front page headlines. Countries going bankrupt; civil unrest from St. Louis to Paris to Jerusalem; high unemployment rates; saber-rattling in the Middle East; burgeoning entitlement programs; the ballooning national debt . . . one could go on, but it doesn't take a government prognosticator to see serious storms on the horizon.

We decided that it was in our own best interests to prepare for an uncertain future, and thus the TEXAS READY Liberty Seed Banks were born. We use only open-pollinated heirloom vegetable seeds in our banks, and the varieties we've chosen are both hardy and prolific. Cultivated properly, these non-hybrid, non-GMO seeds will perform well and provide a lifetime of excellent nutrition and food security for you and your family.

Our company is founded upon the Texas model of capitalism, freedom, independence, integrity, self-sufficiency, preparedness and civic responsibility. These are the values which inform our personal lives, our business practices and out product line.